Hebron is Hebron

‘Hebron is Hebron’

Countless times the same response echoes from mouth to mouth. And in fact, Hebron is Hebron. Therefore, I will try to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Part 1 [Black and White]  |  Children of Hebron – 

Growing up with hatred for the opposing side, patriotic education and omnipresent propaganda. In the end, a stage develops: Jewish boys – line of IDF soldiers – the no-man’s land – Palestinian boys.

Part 2 [Colour]  |  Hebron is Hebron – 

The futility, surrealism and irony of it all.

(For those who want a contextual backdrop, read on: Hebron is one of the most segregated cities in the world. The Palestinian-majority city is occupied by multiple ultra-Zionist settlements, concentrated mainly in the central and old town areas. The occupation is justified with the claim that the Jewish population, which was expelled following 1929 riots, had indeed bought the quarter with their own money. Palestinians, however, remember only retreat of their population. Following heavy fighting in central Hebron during the Second Intifada, Zionist Jews followed the footsteps of the advancing Israeli Defence Force and resettled the temporary vacancies left behind by Palestinian families seeking refuge. Today, the city is divided along the settlement lines. Not only the urban quarters, but also religious symbols do not escape the division. The Cave of the Patriarchs, seen as a major religious treasure both by Jews and Muslims, is divided into two sections following the massacre in 1994, which left tens of Muslims dead)


2 thoughts on “Hebron is Hebron

  1. If I wasn’t still here I would say thanks for the memories; your photos will be evocative. I shall stay with you and, inchaállah, see you in The Smoke (rather than through it). Big hugs.

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